Eight years of friendship gone to trash?

#Entry 1

Cher & Salve,

How was your week? Why do I ask? Because for some specific people, this week sure wasn’t normal/ordinary.

Sophia Adam, spotted with her new BF, Vincent Ride. Rumor is that the two were caught ‘snuggling’ and hanging out together in their building, and by that I mean they live in the same locality, separate wings(obviously) but same building. According to the wildfire news, S.A. hasn’t told her mommy about her BF.


Is her mother against the news of her thirteen/fourteen year-old daughter already dating? Or is it because her mother might have a teeny, weeny grudge for V.R?

While this little rumor is on it’s way to other ears, stuff is heard to be happening in and on between other teens. Harvey Dalmond, a thirteen year old, cocky, rich, popular boy has said to be finally feeling the ‘isolation’ phase where all his P.C.K (popular, callow kids)friends have completely left him. Has Harvey finally lost his temper with his ‘friends’? Or has he found a new set of friends to compile with? Lately, it was heard that another P.C.K;  Pete Preston had finally admitted to leaving Harvey forever…how?

In a bus ride late after school, Pete was heard talking to some of his seniors (sixteen year old’s or above) who were as usual cracking disgusting jokes and laughing loudly. They had asked P.P. if his best friend was still old gal, H.D? Pete had completely shook his head and had said a, “Never, not possible.”

As shocking as it is, it looks like the two P.C.K’s…Harvey and Pete have finally broken off after eight to nine years of surviving friendship. As the quote, ‘A true friend always has your back, forever into time’ goes, it doesn’t apply to these two…ex-best friends? Will Pete and Harvey mend ways between them, or will they let their maybe-valuable, eight-year friendship go to sham?

Wait for my next update to find out. Until then, readers;)

“Always watch your back, you never know who’s keepin’ an eye on you. Take it from me.”

Winter Girl



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