A Love Triangle

Cher & Salve,

Welcome back, readers.

Spotted: The love triangle!!

Indigo, Alana and David Shaw. What’s it gonna be and who’s gonna be the lucky one?

As said in my last update, Alana Jack had started to develop a tiny crush for David Shaw. Alana, a bold, rude, nosy girl can put down practically everyone with her rudeness and over-smart behavior, she’s crazy, uptight and loud spoken to anyone who’ll ear. But the only person who she tends to smile dreamily at, or tends to speak quietly about, or tends to be as nice as she can to is only…DAVID SHAW.

Even though I believe Alana Jack does have a nice heart, she can tend to get angry to anybody who’ll rub her confidence against a wall. Alana has stood up to bullies and horrible-inappropriate rumors, she has helped victims through their bullying stages not realizing that she is a bully too. Not directly, though.

Teasing and taunting shy, introvert people? Not good. Laughing and back-bitching about people’s personal life? Bad!

Alana Jack follows nobody’s orders, but now…ever since David Shaw lost the fat chumps he had and gained some height, Alana Jack has finally diverted her eyes to him. Maybe it’s not his new-gained height or good popularity status that he’s earned that made Alana Jack fall for him, maybe it’s his rudeness, attitude, cockiness and humor that’s caught Jack off guard. I mean, what more can these two have in common?

While Alana Jack’s eyes are on David Shaw through out, his eyes are always on somebody else. Take the wildest, most precious guess you’ve got.

Indigo Beckerdite.

Right on point, guessers! (mental high-five)

Maybe, David Shaw didn’t really care about Indigo when they all were young, innocent kids. But ever since dating, crushes, dirtiness and some popularity was thrown in, the two drew closer. From what’s picked out of the fishy gossip, Indigo doesn’t quite have any feelings for David Shaw, she takes him as a good friend is all. But David Shaw who’s rude, jerk-faced, mean, cocky and loud, can’t help but be puppy-like, sweet and nice to Indigo Beckerdite. The way he follows her around like a lost guy with big, happy eyes and eagerness bright in his face, you can be sure he has a thing for that girl.

It can be cute and gushy-mushy for a little time, where all everyone does is gossip and pair them. But it’s not always hearts and sunshine when a guy might like a girl, at least not for everyone.

It is quite clear that Shaw likes Indigo, but what about the third one in the Love Trio? Alana Jack? All the girl can do is sit quietly and watch her true crush flirt with her best friend, now that’s one big bullet to the heart, isn’t it?

Even after she tries all there is to impress David Shaw, it is still always heartbreaking to watch your crush roll his eyes at you and turn his attention to Indigo Beckerdite.

Now, Indigo’s point of view. All she can do is flirt back with David Shaw every-time he winks or cracks a weird joke to her, she likes him for him and will do anything to keep him as her friend. But while this little love triangle goes on and on, there’s always another one forming somewhere outside too.

Pete Preston.

Heard of him before, eh? But that’s only as Harvey Dalmond’s ex-best friend. Here’s a few simple words to describe Pete Preston:

  • Stupid
  • Cocky
  • Mean
  • Immature
  • Popular(part of P.C.K squad)
  • Biggest Flirt known (in other words: A PLAYER)

Pete Preston might just have a ‘thing’ for Indigo as well. Yes, I know! How many boys like her?!?! He’s liked her for a few months, not realizing that after he’s finally started to show his liking’s toward her, how-many hearts he’s broke. Even though a player, he’s a good one, with all the flirtatious comments, stupid winks and cheesy smirks, any girl could go weak at the knees when he even locks his gorgeous, dark eyes with you. It’s like you want to hate him, hate him so much you could murder him to death, but for some reason you cannot, why? Because you like him! He(and every other player) have this sorta charm in them, this thing or trick to woo you. And it sucks when you crush on them and they just break your heart and move on from you, like it was nothing.

Like it didn’t matter.

Anyway, that’s who he is, Pete Preston. A little bulky on the fat but spiked up, soft hair and a pair of good eyes with a cheeky, naughty smile. He’s got a thing for Indigo, and maybe, just maybe she might have a thing for him.

So maybe out of this *extended* love triangle, something good could come out. That maybe at least two people share the same feelings for each other.

So cross your fingers, readers, and wait for my next update.

Until then, suckers;)

“Always watch your back, you never know who’s keepin’ an eye on you. Take it from me.”

Winter Girl




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