True friends or arch enemies?


Cher & Salve,

Welcome back, readers.

Today, H.D. was caught speaking to ‘supposedly’ said ex-best friend, P.P. across the classroom.

Though in separate classes, the boys would still run in to each other. So, likewise, when Harvey Dalmond stopped by Pete Preston’s class to check up on some of his ‘only’ friends, Pete got up and shouted, “Eh, Harvey! Nice clothes, man!” Harvey had just rolled his eyes and passed a smile. “Pete, it’s for that fucked up role play man!” he had replied. They had both shared a few jokes and laughing through that minute, earning shocked expressions from everyone who knew about their falling-friendship.

So, what was their deal? One day, they ignored, the other day, they acted like BFF’s?

Meanwhile, the P.C.K’s were on the double role! Rumor has it that one of the infamous-turned-god-tastic-popular guys, also a current member of the P.C.K’s, David Shaw,has been getting closer to THE MOST POPULAR(and other stuff) girl known:

Indigo Beckerdite.

Known as one of the most popular girls with million friends, boys running after her and her looks, Indigo Beckerdite(Beck for short), is also known as one of the biggest, back-biting Bitches and sometimes called Miss Popular.

So, while Indigo’s consumed in her little world with new P.C.K, David Shaw, little fights and hurtful jokes have been cracking through the P.C.K squad.

Meantime, Indigo’s supposedly ‘best friend’, Alana Jack, has started to develop a ‘crush’ on none other than David Shaw. But she won’t even tell Indigo, seeing as her best friend has found a new accomplice to share secrets and judge people with. But why?

Will Indigo leave little Alana Jack for a new P.C.K or will she, the most popular girl, remain close-necked with Jack? Will Harvey Dalmond finally find true friends? Or will he be stuck with useless fighting with childhood bestie, Pete Preston?

Find out, in my next update.

Until then, suckers;)

“Always watch your back, you never know who’s keepin’ an eye on you. Take it from me.”

Winter Girl




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