A Little Lost

Cher & Salve,

Hola, amigos!!

So, I had to ask all of you one question. This past week, I had something weird happen to me.

Basically, I had this really hectic week full of exams, submissions and meet-ups to attend…I was so tired by the end of the week that all I wanted  to do was sleep and eat and chill and you uh get the gist right? So, when Friday arrived my mum phoned me up and told me we had a family dinner at 7. I would usually be really happy to go, but I was way too tired. Even though I went, I did enjoy but when I came back home, I had so much on my shoulders. Cleaning up my room, finishing off my revision tests, socializing, that in the end I was so frustrated and tired with all the work that I started to avoid and get angry at my family. In the end, my parents and elder brother were kinda pissed at me and lectured me for hours about my ‘responsibility’ and ‘temper’.

I was lost. I suddenly had the urge to cry and I did, tears came spilling out faster than expected, and I just sat there, crying and listening to my mother shout at me. I felt sad for my behavior and the way I was.

Then the most weirdest thing happened.

I had started feeling this pain in my chest, this strong, heavy pain and so I started rubbing it. My head felt heavy and it felt like I couldn’t breathe. My brother noticed first and dashed to me and shook me, but I could barely hear anything, I could barely even speak. IIt felt as if someone had stuck a stick into my windpipe so I couldn’t breath properly. But I honestly don’t know.

My mom got so alarmed that she took me in her arms and rubbed my back, but still no words came out of my mouth. I felt dizzy and weak and the pain in my chest had got heavier, my brother offered me water which I drank slowly.

The pain did go away and I came back to normal.

I didn’t know what had happened to me, so later at night I googled stuff related to what had happened to me and every connection and point was either connecting to panic attacks or anxiety attacks.

What do you guys think?

Do you guys think it  could be a panic attack? Because I’ve never really had one and it’s sorta scary sometimes. Please share your thoughts below and if you guys have gone through something similar like me, don’t hesitate and do speak it out.

I’d love to hear about it and help you guys if I could.

Thank you so much;)

“Always watch your back, you never know who’s keepin’ an eye on you. Take it from me.”

Winter Girl



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