Suicide Squad: Review

Cher & Salve,

“Sometimes the only way to stay sane, is to go a little crazy.” 
                                                                                           -Harley Quinn

So, this fabulously directed, hilarious, over-the-top move: Suicide Squad was said to be a major hit with the teenagers everywhere. Adults/elders were just confused and weirded out (most of them) from this movie, supposedly.

Who was the best, according to you?

Yes, most of the people went crazy over Harley Quinn saying that she was “bomb” or “totally hot”, etc. But there were others who found Joker “cool” or “wicked awesome”, or Deadshot who was “freaking bomb-ass” (yes, they said that).

Here’s a few pictures of the brilliant movie:


If you haven’t watched it yet (CURSE YOU), you go online right now, book your tickets and get your ass into that theater!

People were most surprised with Harley Quinn’s character, not expecting her to be such a hilarious, hot, devilish kind of girl. When the trailer launched onto YouTube, people watched it and were either doing a ‘eh’ sorta thing or were grinning stupidly with excitement bubbling in them.

But who knew? Who knew how freaking awesome this movie was going to be?

What exactly did David Ayer want this movie to turn out to be? Something violent and funny? This movie clearly is meant to be a Marvel movie right, with instead of superheroes or avengers protecting the world/peace/justice but: troublesome, naughty, villainous misfits being brought out of jail for a secretive project.

This movie is surely a big turn for everyone who loves comics, before this movie, every movie (though different in it’s own way) had one thing in common. The good guy always fights the bad guy; hero VS villain. In every movie/comic, the hero turns out hot, loyal, brave and is always on the victory side in the end. It’s sorta expected when we’re getting to the climax scene of the book; that the hero is going to win.

But this movie, took a big whoop in the movie industry. Who thought misfit assassins who’d never hesitate to kill would be the center of attention, the heroes (ironic isn’t it?) of the movie even though they were ‘bad guys’?

In the end, the movie was presented incredibly with an equal amount of laughter, suspense and awesomeness.

Thank You.

Keep on slaying;)

“Always watch your back, you never know who’s keepin’ an eye on you. Take it from me.”

Winter Girl








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