PLL: Finale Theories and Questions

Cher & Salve,

This little post is for all the BIG PLL FANS OUT THERE !!!

For people who haven’t finished watching the series yet, do not continue reading this:(


After I finished watching the finale episode of PLL, I was in a mega-shock mode. I literally couldn’t digest the fact that Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) was Mary Drake’s child. A million questions must’ve flowed through everyone’s heads when they watched that scene.

Here is a simple list of the SOME of the unanswered questions:

Then, is Spencer related to Ce Ce A.K.A Charles Dilaurentis?
How did this even happen?
What the heck is Mary Drake doing out here, is she part of the A Team?

And do you know what made me cover my mouth from screaming: the ending scene where they show Toby and Yvonne’s car accident and blood all over his gorgeous face! And then BAM, the episode’s over, like what even?
Can all the PLL fans who felt tricked and betrayed after seeing that episode, come with me and we can make a freaking huge army and march to Marlene King’s house and throttle her. If Toby dies (I hope not) I will melt into a sad, lonely puddle who has nothing left to live for:(

Here’s a list of questions which flowed through all our brains when the finale got over~

  1. WHO THE FREAKING HELL IS A.D.?!?!?!?!? (That was the main question buster, I tell you:)
  2. Is Charlotte alive?
  3. Could it be possible…that Mona is A.D?
  4. Who killed Charlotte then?
  5. What happens to Spencer?
  6. What happens to angel-faced Toby and Spoby-breaker- Yvonne? Do they die?
  7. What happens to Jenna?
  8. What the hell was Mary Drake doing in that house?
  9. Will Aria and Ezra get back together, or is Ezria gone forever?
  10. Why can’t the Rosewood cops solve this case? Why do they suck?
  11. Is Spencer even related to any of the Hastings?
  12. Was Noel Kahn part of the ex-A team?
  13. Why was Noel after the Liars?
  14. Who killed Sara Harvey?

Read Q. 3 one more time, I think it is quite possible that Mona Vanderwaal could be involved in the A.D team. She wasn’t there when the Liars got trapped, and since Jenna got abducted and well.. Noel’s head sprang off (high five Hanna & Emily), where was the so-called-friend during this?
I have one very confident theory:

Theory #1
Mona has got to be A.D. She wasn’t there during the mishap with Kahn and Jenna, she may have also tampered with Toby’s truck and as you saw in seasons 1 & 2, Mona is a pretty good actor. She acted as Hanna’s true, friendship-goals friend throughout, while side by side torturing the liars too. The Liars feel like they can trust Mona, even in all her shadiness — but should they?
Though Mona hasn’t been A for a long time, she hasn’t exactly achieved what she wanted from the A game either. Mona claimed to have participated in the game in order to punish the Liars for stealing Hanna away from her, but Mona is still left on the outside of the Liars’ friendship, no matter how much trust and faith she tries to earn. Yes, it could be quite hard for the liars to fix their pot of trust back into place when it comes to Mona, because after all, she tortured them to no ends. Here’s a recap of the tortures the Liars endeared:  Hanna got run-over by a car, A tried to ruin Hanna and Aria’s friendship by telling Hanna to write to Ella Montgomery about Ezria’s relationship, Hanna was forced to eat so many cupcakes to earn money, A made the Liars look guilty with Alison’s so-used-murder weapon the Shovel in Season 1/2, Spencer got into Radley, A threatened to kill Alison way back into the seasons, A was also found exposing that Emily was gay through the booth photos A sent to Hanna(it isn’t exactly bad, but hey, Em could’ve sorted it out with her friends herself!), A played with all the gorgeous boyfriends of the liars and did a lot more horrendous stuff to the liars, but one thing all the A players did was….SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ALL OF US!
So there, as sweet and sugary as Mona may sound or look, she’s still always been that sassy, sneaky, brilliant kinda girl who keeps on giving you major surprises (unmAsked) and shocks. She’s the kind of girl you can’t just trust with your eyes closed, she’s the girl you watch your back for, or the girl who’s sugary sweet and kind but there’s always a reason to it. She is Mona Vanderwaal, snarky, sly, outright bold and a little bit of classiness to the bowl!
Mona could just possibly turn out to be the villain of this traumatic story.

Yeah, so that’s my amazing theory on who is A.D.

Any questions or other cool, sensible theories any of you guys have, please do share it with me by commenting right below. I’d love to check them out and give you guys my view point on it.

Here’s a new quote for a change;)

“Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.”

Winter Girl



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