A Thank You Post !

Cher & Salve, 


I don’t even know how to thank any of you wonderful people:)

“Trust is like paper, once it’s crumpled it can’t be perfect again.” 

I can’t believe the amount of emails I have been getting from all of you regarding advice, help and questions. When I received my first mail I was beyond happy to help the person in dire need. And after that, each day I got more than ten mails.

It felt amazing to help everyone of you through whatever problems you’ve gone through. And the best part is I can relate to almost everyone of you.

It doesn’t matter that I don’t know how many reads or comments I get on my blog but all I can say is it feels absolutely marvelous to know that many of you have trust in me. I love reading the different point-of-views and situations people fall into and it makes me so, so, so happy to help you out of it.

I never knew that I could help people via using a blog.

I hope you all continue sending me emails and also keep that trust alive between us.

I might just do a little ‘Happy Dance’ inside my head once I finish writing this:) 🙂

So let me end this by saying >

“Let’s be happy…because what’s the reason not to be?” 

I send love, darlings;)

The Winter Girl


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